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Frequently asked questions about our recruiting video process:

What is the turnaround time for a recruiting video?
Normally during off-peak months it takes up to a week from the time we receive all the information to the time we send the first draft. After the sports season ends is when it will get busy. At this time we will serve our clients on a first come first serve basis but should be no longer than 2 weeks max.

What information do you need from me?
After signing up for our services you will be emailed a “Player Profile Form” that will ask for the student athletes information, stats, grades, a picture and anything else you may want to share in the video.

We have video clips, how do we send them to you?
This can be done many ways. If you have video files or dvd’s please send them to the address on our contact page and they will be returned when the video is complete. We also use many other transfer and cloud sharing sites like Dropbox and Google Drive. If you have the footage via a download link, please just forward the link to us.

Should we include music in our video?
The coaches watching the video do not care for music most of the time. But music will definitely make the video so much better! We say go for it and let the coaches hit the mute button! We encourage our clients to pick their favorite songs to ensure they are happy with the selection. Keep in mind that we do not use lyrics in the video.

How should we order the plays in the video?
Many coaches may not have the time to watch every recruits video from beginning to end. So we will get the best plays in the front of the video and capture their attention from the start!

How long should the video be?
Ideally a 4 minute video is usually what we shoot for. A long video may be good for your own personal viewing but it is not ideal for a college coach. Usually the coach will have a pretty good idea if they like you in the first minute or two. At this point they may ask for more video or full games.

How will the finished product be delivered?
There is no need for mailing dvd’s. We will upload the video for you onto Youtube and Vimeo for easy viewing on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Your final product will be a link that you may copy and paste in any email to the college coaches.

Where can I see your packages and order my highlight reel?
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